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Spring Weed Issues

By Critter_Gitter on Mar 15, 2017
Category: Spring Lawn CareTips from the Field

CRABGRASS, SEDGE & OTHER GRASSY WEEDS While surveying your lawn for cold damage you may also find areas that contain grassy weeds. Now is the time to dig out these areas or use a non-selective herbicide (example: Roundup) to kill the crabgrass. Also, rake out the area and loosen the top 3 inches of soil to allow healthy new root growth. These areas will need to be resodded after 10-14 days per the label directions on herbicide. It is important to watch these areas closely as weed seeds may be contained in the soil and may germinate after sod is put down. Pull any new emerging crabgrass by hand and give the new sod the proper water it needs and these areas should re-establish into a healthy lawn with no crabgrass.


Bold City Best Winners for 2015

By Critter_Gitter on Oct 12, 2015
Category: Tips from the Field

Peninsular Pest Control is the Bold City Best Winner in both the Pest Control and Lawn Care categories for 2015.


Fall Lawn Care Tips

By Critter_Gitter on Oct 8, 2015
Category: Tips from the Field

It is time for fall pre-emergent weed application!


Identifying Head Lice

By Critter_Gitter on Nov 5, 2014
Category: Tips from the Field

UF/IFAS Bug Expert Dr. Rebecca Baldwin explains the different treatments to eliminate head lice in this informative video.


It’s Time to GREEN UP!

By Critter_Gitter on Mar 28, 2014
Category: Tips from the Field

We are now making a liquid fertilizer application to our lawns to prepare for the spring green-up. This application of liquid fertilizer includes nitrogen and potassium to help stimulate root growth. In addition, we are applying the microbial inoculant Quantum Growth® which enables the turf to better utilize nutrients and water. This application of fertilizer needs to be watered in properly to release the nutrients into the soil so the grass roots absorb them.


Termites are Swarming!  Read more in this month’s Penny News Reader

By Critter_Gitter on Feb 21, 2014
Category: Tips from the Field

Read about Termites Swarming and ways to protect your home in this latest edition of The Penny News Reader, produced by Peninsular Pest Control.


Flea Control

By Critter_Gitter on Jul 23, 2013
Category: FleasTips from the Field

George Richardson, Technical Director, give some simple tips on how to control the fleas in your home and yard. He will explain how to determine if there are fleas in a certain area of the home and will also talk about the follow-up treatment needed when spraying the yard and bushes.


Tips to control mice and rats in your home during the winter season in Florida.

By Critter_Gitter on Nov 6, 2012
Category: Tips from the Field

Now that the seasons are finally changing and the holidays are upon us we look forward to spending time with family and friends but we don't look forward to finding mice and rats in our home.


Geranium Spray-Insect Repellant

By Critter_Gitter on Oct 17, 2012
Category: Tips from the Field

Historically regarded as an effective insect repellent, the pure geranium oil in our natural spray was grown and pressed by a farming cooperative directly supporting Rwandan widows and orphans who survived the genocide. To the geranium, we add lemongrass and citronella (both other natural repellents) and lavender to create a light, crisp scent that you will enjoy wearing. Chemical-free and good for the body and earth, our refreshing and fragrant spray will help keep friends close and bugs far away! 4 ounce container. Available through Peninsular Pest Control: $10 for a 4 oz bottle.


Top 5 Places to Look for Termites

By sup_admin on Feb 9, 2012
Category: Tips from the Field


Tips on Eliminating Mosquito Breeding Sites

By sup_admin on Jul 11, 2011
Category: Tips from the Field

The Critter Gitter gives you some tips to eliminate all sites where mosquitoes can breed.


New UF cell phone ’app’ lets users identify pests with photos, text

By sup_admin on Jun 10, 2010
Category: Tips from the Field
Source: University of Florida News

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Homeowners and pest control technicians have a new option for identifying bugs lurking in houses and other buildings — and it’s as close as a cell phone. A downloadable application developed by researchers with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences provides color photos and text describing almost 40 pest species.


Jacksonville company turns back time on soil conditions

By sup_admin on Jun 8, 2009
Category: Tips from the Field
Source: Jacksonville.com

A Jacksonville-based soil treatment company is growing despite the adverse economic climate. Doug Speed and Associates has already surpassed last year's sales numbers and expects substantial growth this year, while boasting it is helping to eliminate toxic chemicals from infiltrating Northeast Florida's water table. The company's signature product, Inoculaid, is a combination of various types of microorganisms that help facilitate the decomposition of nitrogen, potassium and lesser nutrients, which increase the growth and health of plants...

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