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Exterminator Pest Control Services provided by The Critter Gitter include treating the home for the following: bed bug, spider, carpet beetle, cockroach, fleas, tick, rat, silverfish, cicada, rat, hornet, termite. This year, the cicada insect has become a real Pest Control concern for homeowners.

While treating the interior of a home our exterminator pays special attent to: fleas, ticks, spiders, ants and hornets are all an exterior pest control issue. Our Local Pest Control program addresses both the interior and exterior pest control issues.

Peninsular Pest Control Services: Amelia Island, Atlantic Beach, Baldwin, Fernandina Beach, Fleming Island, Jacksonville Beach, Mandarin, Neptune Beach, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, and the surrounding areas.

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Interior Pest Control Services

Lawn Services

Peninsular’s Lawn Quality Management Program is customized, giving your lawn the right combination of fertilization, insect and weed control at the right time. We also provide shrub treatments! Our prompt and courteous Exterminator service is always guaranteed.

Our winter lawn service includes treating the dormant grass for pre-emerging weeds. Even though your lawn appears to be somewhat dead in the winter, the roots are very much alive and need attention. You should continue to water the lawn even in the dormant season. Reduce your watering amounts to every 10 days to 2 weeks unless rain occurs.

Homeowners are often concerned about: sod webworms, grub worms, brown recluse spiders, wolf spiders, hornets and chinch bugs. Our professionally trained exterminators are eager to protect Jacksonville, FL homes and businesses from all of their interior and exterior pest concerns. Learn more about sod webworms on our YouTube video.


Termite Services

Peninsular is a Certified Sentricon® Specialist and encourages all Florida homeowners to understand the need to termite protection. Preparing your home before termites begin to swarm is critical. Once subterranean, drywood termites enter a home, structural damage can occur.