Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bug Extermination begins by identifying the rooms that have bed bug activity.  Once that is determined the homeowner is asked to remove all clothing and anything washable from the closet and drawers, in addition to the bed linen.  Those items then need to be laundered and dried.  It’s actually the heat from the dryer that will promote the bed bug extermination from the clothing and linens.

Bed Bug

How Peninsular Treats Bed Bugs?

The next step for the Peninsular Pest Control Technician is to completely disassemble the bed.  That requires removing the mattress and box springs from the frame and completely disassembling the bed frame itself.  Bed bug are creative in their hiding spots and they are sometimes found in the joints of the bed frame, behind pictures on the wall and the tufts of a pillowtop mattress.

The treatment process involves an intense 4-6 hour treatment per room. Most treatments will require a follow-up treatment if it is determined that there is still bed bug present in the room.

Bed Bug Extermination Follow-up

Bed Bug Extermination Equipment

The room is then treated for the bed bugs and a bed bug monitor is placed in the room to check for them. 

Tips to Keep them Out

Peninsular offers several tips to travelers that will minimize your risk of bringing these annoying critters home, hopefully avoiding this entire Bed Bug Extermination process. You can see a VIDEO and LEARN more on our Bed Bug Control page. We even show you what a bed bug bite looks like.

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Many people want to know what a Bed Bug Bite looks like. Watch this video to find out: