Bed Bug Control Jacksonville

Bed bugs feed on blood and they generally affect humans while they are sleeping.  Most people have never seen a bed bug bite so, they aren’t sure why the inflamed itchy skin is occurring. They often mistake the bite for another type of insect bite like a mosquito or chigger.

This type of bug is not known to carry disease but, the continual scratching, especially at night when most people not aware of it. The annoying pest can disrupt sleep patterns. Overall bed bugs are a major pest control problem.

Although they are named after the word “bed” the infestation can actually occur in many areas of a room.  The bed bug infestation can begin in small cracks in a bedframe, the photo frames on the wall of the bedroom, dresser drawers and even the cracks of a pillowtop mattress are all vulnerable.

Bed Bug inspection

Locating them and treating them takes time, persistence and monitoring by a professional bed bug exterminator. Let our professionals eliminate your bed bug infestation with a solution that is safe for you and your entire family.

Bed Bug Treatment

Here are some tell tale signs of an infestation: Look for their molted skin. It’s a light brown color much like the bugs themselves. Watch for small spots of blood on sheets and mattress covers. Since many of the bites occur on the back, many people may not even be aware of the infection. Also watch for a sweet, foul odor around areas that are infested. You may also see dark spotting or staining. And remember, itchy patches of skin are also a good indication.

Bed Bug Bites

Here’s what bed bug bites look like:

Traveling suggestions

Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. They can travel from anywhere in the country, right back to your home. Some tips for keeping them OUT of your home as you travel are: Put your suitcase in a plastic bag once you have unpacked it at the hotel or cruise ship. Keep it protected during your entire trip. Then, use that same bag to pack your soiled clothing and shoes into the suitcase for your travel home. Most important, unpack your suitcase OUTSIDE, in the garage for instance, and put the clothing immediately into a hot water wash.

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