Roach Treatment

Cockroaches are on everyone’s mind this time of year. Especially if you start seeing them!

Homeowners and especially new residents to Florida have a lot of questions about several insect related issues. Here are some of the current topics people are discussing and seeking more information on:

Cockroach Exterminator
Cockroach Extermination is important to prevent the spread of disease.

Roach Treatment

Questions about Roach Treatment will be asked by most Florida homeowners at some point in their life. The weather stays relatively warm all year long, with the exception of one or two months, and the insect population really never does die off.

Roach Treatment
American cockroach

Cockroaches are a health hazard if they come in contact with humans or their food after they have been scouring unsanitary areas like sewage or septic systems. Even old trash or areas where garbage is stored can be a source of disease. They can carry salmonella into your kitchen, which can cause food poisoning and gastroenteritis. Cockroaches can also induce asthma attacks and cause pneumonia.

In our area there are four different species of cockroaches: American cockroach, German cockroach, Asian cockroach, Australian cockroach.

The University of Florida IFAS extension describes the cockroach life cycle as follows:

Life Cycle of the American Cockroach

The American cockroach has three life stages: the egg, a variable number of nymphal instars, and the adult. The life cycle from egg to adult averages about 600 days, and the adult life span may be another 400 days. The nymphs emerge from the egg case after about six to eight weeks and mature in about six to twelve months. Adults can live up to one year and an adult female will produce an average of 150 young in her lifetime. Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity affect the developmental time of the American cockroach. Outdoors, the female shows a preference for moist, concealed oviposition sites (Bell and Adiyodi 1981).

Pest Control Services

Our highly trained pest control technicians carefully treat both the structure’s interior and exterior to control pests through various methods of spraying, baiting and extermination.

Peninsular pest control programs work with you to rid your home or office of roaches, silverfish, spiders, ants (including carpenter ants), earwigs, centipedes, scorpions and rodents, to name a few.  We gladly work with your schedule to provide interior and exterior treatments on a quarterly or annual basis.

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The Palmetto Cockroach Bug is new to many people. Here are some things that most people who didn’t grow up in Florida don’t know.

Here is some informtation from The University of Florida IFAS/Extension:

The adult is distinctively large in size, ranging from 30–40 mm (1.20–1.60 in) long and up to 24 mm (1.00 in) wide. The body ranges in color from reddish brown to nearly black. This species also lacks developed wings in either sex, instead having reduced wing pads and absent hind wings. The wings form short leathery pads, referred to as tegmina, which barely meet on the midline of the body and do not extend to cover any portion of the abdomen

The Florida woods cockroach, is native to the southeastern United States, where it is often referred to as a palmetto bug. It is a peridomestic organism that can be found in structures near the home, such as storage areas, greenhouses, or shelter boxes for other structures such as water pumps. It is also an occasional invader of the home, but lacks effective flight wings and is slow moving. Its presence in the home is typically a result of being transported indoors on another item, such as firewood.

Homeowners and especially new residents to Florida have a lot of questions about several insect related issues. Here are some of the current topics people are discussing and seeking more information on:

Florida spiders
drywood termites

Roach Treatment

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