Flea Pest Control VIDEO

This is the time of year when flea activity increases and, if you have pets, you want to protect them and your home.  When it comes to Flea Pest Control, there are a few things you can do to make sure you keep these annoying pests from ruining your summer.

Most pet owners are aware of the products on the market that treat their pet for fleas, but we are all busy and sometimes forget to treat our pet on a regular basis. Once you have started treating your pet, you may also need to treat your yard and your home.  If you don’t want to treat your yard or home yourself, you should call a professional in to do it.


While it’s important to treat the grassy areas of the lawn, Peninsular also focuses on any shady areas where the pets rest during the day.
In the house, it’s the same principle… concentrate on the areas that are most used by the pet.  One way to determine if fleas are active in a particular area is to place a white cloth on the floor in that area.  Fleas are attracted to white, and they will appear on the cloth.  This would obviously be an area we would treat.

Flea treatment by a Local Pest Company
We treat the areas of the lawn where the pet rests during the day.

Once the home is treated, you need to treat your yard as well. Immediately after treatment, pets and people need to stay out of the area until the product is dry.  Insect growth regulators can be added to the treatment, eliminating the need for any follow up applications. The yard will need a second treatment though, two weeks after the initial one.  This will help break the life cycle of the fleas.

So enjoy your summer!  No matter how hot our weather is, your pet will still want to go outside. Following these few simple suggestions should control any flea problems that might occur.