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Rodents in Fleming Island

Rats and mice are important pests entering Florida homes for food and harborage. Rodents eat any kind of food people eat and can contaminate that food with their droppings and urine. They can also start fires by gnawing electrical wires in homes and recreational vehicles, like RV’s.  The movement of rats is usually related to food, water, or harborage. Knowing where they are likely to go is important when controlling them.

Rats use any method to get to food, water or harborage. Their excellent sense of balance enables them to run on pipes, narrow ledges, and utility wires. Rats, especially roof rats, will climb anything their claws will hold on to, including wires, pipes, and rough walls. 

Rats like to use regular paths or runways along walls or behind debris. To get food out in the open, they will run behind things to get as close to the food as possible. They are afraid of strange objects or strange food and may avoid both.  

Norway and roof rats are both aggressive species. The Norways are usually more aggressive. Both species are seldom found in the same building.

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Rat Droppings and Urine Can Contaminate Food