Silverfish Extermination

Silverfish Extermination in Jacksonville

Silverfish are insects that are attracted to humid spaces and cluttered areas. This often means you will find them in basements, bathrooms, attics, and garages. This makes Silverfish Extermination a bit difficult and often requires the assistance of a professional Pest Control Company like Peninsular.

When it comes to Florida pests, they are one of our scariest insects. These insects are not considered a threat to humans, as they do not sting or spread disease. However, they can damage personal belongings, especially paper ones. They are typically found in high humidity environments with temperatures between 72°F–81°F.

Are silverfish harmful to humans?

These pests are not dangerous to humans but, they can attract more dangerous insects to your home, cause damage to your belongings, and even cause allergies in some people. For these reasons, silverfish infestations should be taken seriously.

Like other insects, these critters go where the food source is. Sometimes they are found in unopened food packages, or in bathtubs, where they have fallen and cannot get out. A homeowner who sees them in one or two areas in the house, does not necessarily have an infestation.

Silverfish prefer places that have little airflow, which is why cardboard boxes are perfect hiding places. You might also find them in your bathroom. This particular insect thrives in high humidity areas so, when you steam up the bathroom after a hot shower, you provide the perfect environment. They typically feed on items high in protein like: sugar, starch, or paper with glue… or clothing with starch.

Silverfish insect in Florida
Four-lined Silverfish

According to The University of Florida IFAS/Extension, if you want to control the silverfish in your home, you can begin by ensuring proper ventilation occurs. Also, make sure to remove cardboard boxes—instead, opt for plastic storage bins—to eliminate their hiding places. Insecticides can be used, but only if necessary.


Silverfish are most active during the evening hours and seem to be more prevalent in the summer due to the heat and humidity. Remember, the warm and moist spaces attract them and they can enter your home numerous ways. In Florida, access is gained in the foundation cracks, door jams, as well as torn screens and open windows. Therefore, it’s important to seek the services of a professional pest control company to treat your home for these pests.