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When it comes to Ant Pest Control, we deal with two different types of ants, large ants and small ants. Both ants follow pheromone trails. These trails are where we place the bait so the ants will take that bait back to their colony, destroying the rest of the colony.

Small ants in the lawn can be treated with a granular treatment product. This is the best Ant Pest Control for small ants because they will carry the product back to their colony to share with other ants which will eventually destroy the entire colony. Homeowners in Atlantic Beach, FL often see small, translucent ants in their kitchens. These ants are called Ghost Ants because they are often hard to see. Ghost Ant treatment is explained in this VIDEO below because they are treated with an entirely different method.

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Small Ant Extermination

The ghost ant is very adaptable in its nesting habits. They can easily nest outdoors or indoors. Colonies can be moderate to large in size and contain numerous breeding females.

Sites include clumps of dead, but temporarily wet, grass, plant stems, and cavities under debris in rapidly changing open habitats. Inside, the ant colonize in the void of a wall or the spaces between cabinets and baseboards. They will also nest in potted plants. Therefore, the colonies divide into subunits that occupy different nesting sites and swap individuals back and forth along the olfactory trails. Ghost ants opportunistically nest in places that sometimes remain habitable for only a few days or weeks.

Treating for Ghost Ants

If you are seeing Ants with Wings, you might be seeing Termite Swarmers. There is a distinct difference between Ants with Wings and Termites. Learn More HERE.