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Weed Control

Not all weeds can be controlled by herbicides. Of the three types of weeds we are seeing in Northeast Florida, the broadleaf (i.e. dollar weed) and sedge can be controlled with herbicides. Grassy weeds (i.e. crabgrass) simply needs to be removed by hand. There is no selective herbicide on the market today that will kill grassy weeds without killing the grass itself. If you see that weeds have started flowering, pull them up immediately or they will blow seeds across your lawn, creating more of a problem.

Spring Weed Issues

While surveying your lawn for cold damage you may also find areas that contain grassy weeds. Now is the time to dig out these areas or use a non-selective herbicide (example: Roundup) to kill the crabgrass. Also, rake out the area and loosen the top 3 inches of soil to allow healthy new root growth. These areas will need to be resodded after 10-14 days per the label directions on herbicide. It is important to watch these areas closely as weed seeds may be contained in the soil and may germinate after sod is put down. Pull any new emerging crabgrass by hand and give the new sod the proper water it needs and these areas should re-establish into a healthy lawn with no crabgrass.