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Termites are already swarming in Jacksonville!

George Richardson, Technical Director for Peninsular Pest Control, shows you a live swarm of termites and closeup shots of the three types of termites that are in the colony.  He also give some inexpensive tips on ways to keep termites out of your home.

“This is the time of year that termites start swarming and our phones start ringing!  I’d like to show you what a swarm looks like and some inexpensive ways to hopefully keep them out of your home.” 

“Most people don't realize they're even looking at a termites swarm when they see one.  Generally speaking the termites swarm on top of the ground and often come out of a root, a stump or other rotted wood and materials in the yard.

Here, you are looking at an actual swarm of termites in the air.  As we follow their trail, you can see the swarm actually appears to be right on top of the ground.  In this case they’re actually coming from this azalea stump.   These creamy white insects are the worker termites.  They're the ones that actually do all of the damage, they build the mud tubes up inside the house. The winged ones are called reproductive or swarmers, as we call them, and their only mission in life is to find a mate and start another colony.

“People often ask me what they can do to keep termites out of their home.  I’m going to show you some simple inexpensive ways to help keep subterranean termites out of your home.” 

People often pile unused bricks up against the side of their home.  This is one of the worst places to store them.  This will actually allow the termites to come up behind bricks and enter the home unnoticed and start damage inside the walls.  Another conducive condition for termites is wood piled up against the home.  You’ll also notice that the siding of this structure goes all the way to the ground and this tree is growing very close to the structure. The termites will actually follow the roots of the tree as they would a major highway and come up into the siding.
One simple way to rectify the situation is to install rock around the edge of the home.  Also, make sure that the siding does not come in contact with the ground in any way. In this example you'll see the siding is actually above the ground allowing us to see a termite tube if there is one.  Although this is paint, it's a great example of what termite tubes would look like as they enter your home.

“Now you know what a termite swarm looks like and several ways to protect your home.  If you still think you have a problem and need us to come out and inspect your home for you, we’ll do it for Free, just give us a call.”