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What are Ghost Ants?

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

There are a few simple things you can do as a homeowner to reduce the mosquito population in your yard.

Getting rid of mosquitoes

Removing any standing water in your yard is one way to control the mosquito population because, without water mosquitoes cannot reproduce.  Sometimes it is impossible to remove a water source so, it may be necessary to spray the area for the adult mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes rest during the day under the leaves of bushes and are therefore easy to find and eliminate.  Since we are often at work during these hours, asking for professional help with this service is a great idea.  Peninsular Pest Control has a mosquito suppression program that is designed to eliminate the adult mosquitoes while making recommendations regarding standing water sources that you can monitor yourself.

Bold City Best Winners for 2015

Peninsular Pest Control was awarded the BEST PEST CONTROL COMPANY and the BEST LAWN CARE SERVICE in the most recent reader's poll conducted by The Florida Times Union and  This award reinforces the fact that Critter Gitter customers are not only satisfied with their services, they are proud to pass that information along.  Peninsular has always offered a reward to their current customers for referring a family member or friend to the company.  The current reward program continues to be a large part of the reason the customer base at Peninsular Pest Control continues to grow year after year.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, your loyalty is much appreciated!

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Can you feel that hint of fall in the air? It is time for our fall pre-emergent weed application. This lawn treatment we are applying Barricade®  pre-emergent herbicide to help prevent the germination of winter weeds. In addition, we are applying the microbial inoculant Quantum Growth® which enables the turf to better utilize nutrients and water. With cooler temperatures we are applying liquid herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds. Herbicides alone will not control 100% of the weeds in any lawn therefore some may have to be pulled by hand.

Identifying Head Lice

Learn how to spot head lice on your child.  WATCH NOW

It’s Time to GREEN UP!

Termites are Swarming!  Read more in this month’s Penny News Reader

Tips to control mice and rats in your home during the winter season in Florida.

Colder weather brings out pests that we have not seen during the warmer months like mice and rats, which are all active during the winter.  Since rodents are warm blooded mammals they are tend to seek shelter in warm dry homes and as outdoor temperatures drop they may also be looking for food in a warm place with the intention of giving birth.

Here are some tips for keeping mice out of your home: 
• Rodents can enter structures by crawling along wiring, fence stops, and tree branches that touch the home.  Seal any openings larger than 1/4 inch.  Utility pipes entering buildings should be sealed tightly with metal or concrete.
• Keep doors and garages closed, as well as any other doors that allowed entry to the house.
• Put food away, sealed in plastic containers and clean up any spilled food that might draw a mouse's attention.
• Remove structures that a mouse could live in.  This includes trash, tall grass and wood piles.  If you have a fireplace, store your firewood at least 12 inches off the ground.
• Set traps around areas that mice are likely to run through these can include cupboards, attics and closets.  Check the traps on a regular basis and remove dead mice as quickly as possible to avoid germs and odors.

If this doesn't do the trick, call Peninsular Pest Control and the Crittergitter will come out and handle the problem for you!

Geranium Spray-Insect Repellant

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