Cicada Bugs


The unique sound of the cicada bug will probably bring back childhood memories of playing outside with your neighborhood friends or a special camping trip as a kid, growing up in Florida. 

Cicada Bug

It’s not just the distinctive buzzing sound of the Cicada that makes them so unusual, it’s their interesting life-cycle that fascinates entomologists and nature loves alike.  The most popular species of the cicada bug is the “periodical cicada” which is found north of us in states like North Carolina or Connecticut.  This is the year that particular species emerges from the ground to find a mate and reproduce.

The Cicada Mating Call

Males make the loud buzzing sound which is what attracts the females to them. The reason for the loud volume is because the males with the strongest sounds attract the females.  Imagine the ruckus when you have that many males competing for the same thing… at the same time!

Cicadas are easily heard but not so easily seen or captured.  The distinctive sound can be deafening at times as thousands of males compete with one other for the attention of the females. 

Florida Cicadas occur annually, just as soon as the temperature is right. In much of the eastern United States, they are also known for their appearance in colossal numbers (as many as 1.5 million per acre).

The Periodical Cicadas only appear every 13-17 years so, our northern residents are preparing to see and hear the show this year!  Some people are so fascinated with Cicadas that they are making special plans to spend time outdoors or camping in those northern states from mid-May through June.

Don’t spend time worrying about your pets or kids because these bugs don’t bite or sting, they simply SING!  Enjoy the sounds this year because it may another decade and a half before you have the chance again.

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