George Richardson

George Richardson Celebrates

It’s his 25th Anniversary with Peninsular

He is worth his weight in GOLD, so it’s appropriate that we celebrate the Golden 25th Anniversary of George Richardson, Technical Director for Peninsular Pest Control. George started with Peninsular in the Termite Service Department by assisting Peninsular as they field tested the Sentricon® Colony Elimination System for DowAgrosciences. He then moved into sales and management positions. Anyone who has ever worked with him or welcomed him into their home (or yard) knows that George has a natural talent for thorough examinations and for exploring all options! For years, George’s loyal “fan base” has grown and includes several local personalities and prominent community leaders. And, for the past several years we have all had the opportunity to see his acting ability in action with some of the near infamous YouTube videos he has starred in. A fan favorite seems to be the “Mosquito Elimination” video which has had over 20,000 hits! Thanks for your 25 years of Service, George… you really are The CritterGitter!

George Richardson
George Richardson, Technical Director