Do it yourself this spring

Weeds you need to pull NOW!

Simply hiring a lawn care professional will not always solve your weed problems. Hand pulling weeds is also necessary. Here’s why:

There are three categories in the Jacksonville area:  Broadleaf, Sedges and Grassy.

weed pulling
Some weeds simply need to be hand pulled.

Many herbicides available today treat Broadleaf weeds. However, treating the grassy weeds and sedges would actually kill the grass itself. Environmental conditions make it difficult to control them. Therefore, vigilant lawn care is important. 

Selective herbicides will not control grassy weeds. Applying pre-emergent weed control will help suppress them but, it won’t control them. The only way to get grassy weeds out of your lawn is to pull them out or to kill the entire area and resod. Consequently, this is an important part of your Do It Yourself Lawn Care.

DIY Springtime Tips

With a rake, remove any dead grass or thatch. 

Secondly, add a layer of topsoil to help promote new growth. And, if needed use a post hole digger or spade to cut out healthy grass from other areas of your lawn to the areas that need grass.

Add fertilizer to the lawn to prepare for the green-up that is about to occur. The fertilizer application should include nitrogen and potassium to stimulate root growth. Additionally, water it in properly so the roots can absorb the nutrients but, don’t overwater because too much moisture will cause disease and encourages weed growth. 

Spring Lawn Preparation
Dull Blades can promote grass disease

Check your mower blade to make sure they are sharp. Dull mower blades cause an uneven cut which can lead to disease issues.  As a result, an even cut allows the grass to heal more easily.

Finally, test the pH level of your lawn because it will tell you which nutrients are lacking.

Best Lawn Care Company

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