Fleming Island Pest Control

Peninsular Pest Control services many neighborhood lawns in Fleming Island, FL, with outstanding results. Fleming Island pest control companies, like Peninsular, are aware of the lawn issues facing these homeowners. This time of year, as the weather warms up, lawn pest control and fertilization is of the upmost importance. Fleming Island lawns are waking up to spring and often need pH testing to determine what type of fertilizer to apply and how much. A handheld pH meter can be purchased by the homeowner or a Fleming Island Pest Control company, like Peninsular, will have one available.

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Handheld pH meter for lawns

The pH levels are taken throughout the lawn. This testing is needed to determine an overall average. The “p” in pH stands for “potential and the “H” stands for hydrogen. The way in which a plant absorbs the nutrients is a result of knowing the correct pH level. For this reason, knowing the pH level of your Fleming Island FL lawn is critical.

pH Range

A pH range of between 6.0 and 7.0 is perfect for most lawns.  Also, pH has a direct effect on plant growth, and important nutrients for lawns are most readily available in soil when the pH is at those levels. Roots can be damaged by highly acidic soil and is yet another reason to test your lawn before applying fertilizer.

Fleming Island Lime Application

To maximize usage of nutrients within the grass plants a lime application may be necessary. Unlike the product used by most homeowners, a Calcium based product is used by Peninsular Pest Control, which releases within 2-3 weeks, unlike the product used by most homeowners. Most people are familiar with Dolomite Lime purchased from local hardware stores, but it takes 3 or more months to notice results in the pH. Calcium is also needed to build stronger cell walls in the turf. This application is part of our Fleming Island pest control protocol.

See our Fleming Island VIDEO to understand the stages of weeds after fertilization and herbicide has been applied.