Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall Lawn Care

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Winter Spraying for weeds
Fall lawn fertilization

Fall pre-emergent weed application

Can you feel that hint of fall in the air?

Preparing for the spring, we are currently making a liquid pre-emergent herbicide application to all areas of your lawn. We will also be spot treating any broadleaf weeds present at time of the application. This pre-emergent treatment provides a barrier to weed seeds germinating over the next six to eight weeks. When applied prior to weed emergence, it effectively controls approximately 30 different broadleaf and grassy weeds. Also it is important to note that the areas we are treating are only in the sodded portion of your lawn and outside the drip line area of any shrubs or small trees.

This lawn treatment we are applying Barricade®  pre-emergent herbicide to help prevent the germination of winter weeds. In addition, we are applying the microbial inoculant Quantum Growth® which enables the turf to better utilize nutrients and water. With cooler temperatures we are applying liquid herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds. Herbicides alone will not control 100% of the weeds in any lawn therefore some may have to be pulled by hand.

Adequate soil moisture is necessary after this application; apply at least ½ inch of water within 10 days to maximize its effectiveness. When the weather warms your lawns water needs will increase. Now is a good time to check your sprinkler system for any broken or clogged heads and any broken pipes from freezing weather.