Fleas in the Home

Flea Treatment for Homes

Flea treatment for homes is just as important as the treatments used to protect our pets. Creating a safe and comfortable home for your pet. Although the pet may be shielded from fleas, you could be living in a house that is flea infested. These biting insects are very creative! They can enter a home on your shoes or pants. Treating both the home and yard is important.

Flea treatment for Homes
Flea Treatment Outside in the Yard

If you think you have a flea problem inside of your home. Do this simple test: Place a white cloth on the area of the floor that is most likely to have the fleas. Whether it’s where your pet lies during the day or it’s simply near a chair that YOU sit in and are continually bitten. Fleas are attracted to white, and they will appear on the cloth.  This would obviously be an area that needs to be treated.

Flea Treatment by Peninsular

Once the home is treated, you need to treat your yard as well. While it’s important to treat the grassy areas of the lawn, Peninsular also focuses on any shady areas where the pets rest during the day.

Immediately after flea treatment, pets and people need to stay out of the area until the product is dry.  Insect growth regulators can be added to the treatment, eliminating the need for any follow up applications. The yard will need a second flea treatment though, two weeks after the initial one.  This will help break the life cycle of the fleas.

In the house, it’s the same principle… concentrate on the areas that are most used by the pet. 

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