Flea Treatment for the Home and Yard

Here are some facts about fleas and flea treatment both inside and outside of your home. Understanding that most pet owners rely on the advice of their veterinarian when it comes to fleas on their pet, treatment of the home is just as critical. Fleas enjoy biting humans and pets equally and if you experience an infestation inside of your home, chances are you or your kids will be the target!

Kid and Cat
Fleas will bite animals and humans

Fleas pass from the Egg to Larvae and then to Pupae before becoming Adults.  We only notice them when they are in the adult stage, when they bite and then the cycle begins again.  Although you may be treating your pet for fleas, you need to control them inside your home and in your yard at the same time. That’s why Home Flea Treatment is so important.

It’s important to treat the grassy area of the lawn for fleas but, it’s also important to treat the areas where the pet likes to rest. 

Inside the home, check those areas most used by the pets. One way to determine if fleas are active is to place a white cloth on the floor in this area.  They are attracted to white and will appear on the cloth.

Once the home is treated, pets and people need to stay out until the product is dry.  Insect Growth Regulators can be added to the flea treatment eliminating the need for any indoor follow-up applications.  But the yard will need a second treatment two weeks after the initial one.  This will break the life cycle of these pesky insects.

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