Lawn Care

Lawn Care Fertilization

Lawn care means more than a good cut.  Regular feeding and insect control will keep it looking its best. Regular lawn feeding, insect control and fertilization will keep your lawn healthy and green.

We can determine what your lawn needs to keep it healthy, lush and green. At Peninsular Pest Control our Lawn Pest Control Service lawn programs use state of the art materials and equipment and these programs which are in compliance with the Florida Green Industries “Best Management Practices for the Protection of Water Resources in Florida.”

Liquid Fertilizer

We are now making a liquid fertilizer application to our lawns to prepare for the spring “green-up”.  This application of liquid fertilizer includes nitrogen and potassium which helps stimulate “top growth” and promote new root growth.

Spring Yard spraying

In addition, our lawn care team is applying the microbial inoculant Quantum Growth® which enables the turf to better utilize nutrients and water. But, this application of fertilizer needs to be watered in properly to release the nutrients into the soil so the grass roots absorb them. In order for our Florida lawns to green up they are completely dependent on the soil temperatures to rise. While a sunny 70 degree spring day feels great for us, our tropical lawn still may be cold. Areas affected by cool weather in January will take a couple of weeks longer to green back up.

Mower Blades

Another lawn care tip that most homeowners ignore is the sharpening of their mower blades. A dull blade makes for an uneven cut which will allow disease to enter the grass blades.

Here are more Springtime Lawn Care tips for St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island and Amelia Island:

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