How to check the pH of your lawn and the proper way to add lime to your St. Augustine Grass in the fall in Jacksonville, FL.


Correction of low soil pH with lime is a major concern to all who grow plants, from the commercial producer to the home gardener. The reason for liming an acid soil is to improve the performance of the plants being cultivated. Soil acidity affects the plant root environment, which ultimately affects plant growth and performance. Most plants grow better in slightly acid soil than in strongly acid soil. When a soil is too acid for proper plant growth, lime may be applied to reduce the acidity.

St. Augustine grass, which comprises most of the lawns in our area, grows best in a soil pH of 6.0-7.5. In this part of the state our soil is sandy and mostly acidic with lower pH values. Lime application can raise the pH level. Since it takes several months for the lime to completely react in the soil, we will be offering this additional service on our next application beginning in November.