Lubber Grasshopper Treatment

The Lubber Grasshopper Treatment is important. These colorful locust can grow relatively large in size but, they are of no real harm to humans. Most of the damage they do is to the plants and landscape. If you find them in your lawn, you can either pick them out by hand. Another options is to mow the lawn while they are present. In more serious cases, a professional exterminator, like Peninsular Pest Control, will need to be called.

Lubber Grasshoppers in lawn

George Richardson, Technical Director, of Peninsular Pest Control said the insects, known as lubber grasshoppers, can be a real nuisance. “They can be kind of menacing because they can be up to three inches long they’re quite ugly and look like little monsters,” Richardson said. Richardson said they’ve been busy lately with lubber grasshopper treatment because of the bugs. “We’re receiving three to five phone calls a day about them,” he said. “They like the succulent type of lilies.” A better way to get rid of them is to treat them soon as they hatch, which is usually in March and April; otherwise they have to be grabbed one by one.

Removal of Lubber Grasshoppers

“If you opt not to call a professional for lubber grasshopper treatment you can take them off the leaf put them in a bucket and in the bucket we recommend to either have rubbing alcohol or soapy water,” Richardson said. The liquid will asphyxiate the bugs. 

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