Shrub Care

Peninsular’s Pro Shrub Care Service

Includes fertility, specialized micro-nutrients and insect control

Proper shrub fertilization in Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Orange Park provides a healthier, stress resistant plant which results in improved appearance and uses less water.

Insect control curtails damage from such pests as Aphids, Scale, Lace Bugs, Thrips, Spider Mites and White Flies to name just a few. Help make your Azaleas, Hawthorns, Junipers, Hollies, Ligustrum, Oleanders, Viburnums, and other shrubs thrive and make your landscape more attractive.

In addition to our Shrub Care Pro Service, we have lawn fertilization, weed suppression, carpenter ant and small ant extermination as well as Termite Control options. Some of the insects we are constantly battling in Jacksonville and Fleming Island lawns are: mole crickets, mosquitoes, chinch bugs, sod webworms, army worms and fungus. Depending on the season and the temperature, your lawn may have experienced some of these lawn issues in the past. Each problem is treated by a different method and our professionally trained and bonded pest and lawn technicians are here to help!

Shrub pest control
Our Pro Shrub Service

Bugs and pests and weeds, well they aren’t nice… but WE ARE! That is why our Pro Shrub Care Service is so popular.

At Peninsular our well trained Citter Gitters kill ‘em with kindness. Meaning we take care of your unwelcomed guests and lawn troubles, and always do it with a smile and with pride. If we can help with the extras, we will. If we get the chance to say hello, we will. We guarantee our services and we’ve been doing it this way in Northeast Florida since 1954.

Peninsular Pest Control offers a full range of residential and commercial services including pest control, lawn maintenance (fertilization and weed control) as well as termite treatment (Termidor® and Sentricon®).