Spring Fertilization Video

Spring Fertilization Services in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL

It’s TIME TO GREEN UP! We are now making a liquid fertilizer application to our lawns to prepare for the spring green-up.

Spring Fertilizer

This application of liquid fertilizer includes nitrogen and potassium to help stimulate root growth. In addition, we are applying the microbial inoculant Quantum Growth® which enables the turf to better utilize nutrients and water. When it comes to spring fertilization, the application of fertilizer needs to be watered in properly to release the nutrients into the soil so the grass roots absorb them.

In order for our Florida lawns to green up, they are completely dependent on the soil temperatures to rise. While a sunny 70 degree spring day feels great for us, our tropical lawn still may be cold. Areas affected by cool weather in January will take a couple of weeks longer to green back up.

This Spring Fertilization Video will show you how The Critter Gitter does it!

SPRING TIME “TO DO” LIST in addition to Spring Fertilization:

  1. Check you irrigation system to ensure each zone and each sprinkler head are working properly.
  2. Sharpen and inspect your mower blades.
  3. Prune back any winter damage to flowers and shrubs
  4. Repair any weak areas in the lawn

Although Spring Fertilization is important you should remember that as the lawn begins to grow out of dormancy, it is a good idea to replace any areas that have been damaged by cold weather or insects like chinch bugs. Resist the urge to replace the grass that is brown until you have determined if there are any green runners under the brown blades on top. We recommend to first rake out these areas, removing any dead runners and thatch. After raking add a small layer of a good quality top soil, this will help the early growth to take root. If large areas have been damaged you may need to use plugs or sod.

Peninsular’s Turf Quality Management Program is individualized, giving your lawn the proper combination of winter and spring fertilization, insect and weed control at just the right time. We also provide treatment for shrubs! Our prompt courteous service is always guaranteed. Serving Jacksonville and the surrounding areas since 1954.