Weed Control

Jacksonville and St. Augustine Lawn Care

It is our goal to help keep your lawn looking its best with a regular feeding, weed control and insect control program. Our trained staff delivers the most effective lawn treatment system available today.

We can survey your lawn, test the pH of the soil and determine what it needs to keep it looking good. Our weed control programs are in compliance with the Florida Green Industries “Best Management Practices for the Protection of Water Resources in Florida.” Our trained staff delivers the most effective lawn treatment system available anywhere. To keep your grass green and lush, we use state of the art materials and equipment to maintain turf vigor.

Learn HOW different weeds are treated

The Weed Control Partnership

One thing to remember is that:  Weed control is a partnership between your lawn care professional and you.  Fertilization and control of your lawn is important…  but it’s up to you to continue to monitor your lawn and do your part in keeping your lawn healthy and attractive.  Just “spraying ” isn’t the total solution. 


There are three categories in the Jacksonville area:  Broadleaf, Sedges and Grassy.

weed control
Types of Weeds

Broadleaf is easily treated with herbicides available today, but the sedges and grassy are different.  Environmental conditions make it difficult to control them Their condition is usually caused by the environment and they can’t be control, only suppressed.  This is where a healthy lawn becomes important. 

The problem with grassy weeds is that there is actually no selective herbicide made to control them.  Pre-emergent weed control that is applied during the dormant season will help, but the only way to get grassy weeds out of your lawn is to pull them out or to kill the entire area and resod.

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