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Roach Treatment in Jacksonville FL

Roach Treatment

Questions about Roach Treatment will be asked by most Florida homeowners at some point in their life. The weather stays relatively warm all year long, with the exception of one or two months, and the insect population really never does die off.

Roach Treatment
American cockroach

Cockroaches are a health hazard if they come in contact with humans or their food after they have been scouring unsanitary areas like sewage or septic systems. Even old trash or areas where garbage is stored can be a source of disease. They can carry salmonella into your kitchen, which can cause food poisoning and gastroenteritis. Cockroaches can also induce asthma attacks and cause pneumonia.

In our area there are four different species of cockroaches: American cockroach, German cockroach, Asian cockroach, Australian cockroach.

The University of Florida IFAS extension describes the cockroach life cycle as follows:

Life Cycle of the American Cockroach

The American cockroach has three life stages: the egg, a variable number of nymphal instars, and the adult. The life cycle from egg to adult averages about 600 days, and the adult life span may be another 400 days. The nymphs emerge from the egg case after about six to eight weeks and mature in about six to twelve months. Adults can live up to one year and an adult female will produce an average of 150 young in her lifetime. Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity affect the developmental time of the American cockroach. Outdoors, the female shows a preference for moist, concealed oviposition sites (Bell and Adiyodi 1981).

Pest Control Services

Our highly trained pest control technicians carefully treat both the structure’s interior and exterior to control pests through various methods of spraying, baiting and extermination.

Peninsular pest control programs work with you to rid your home or office of roaches, silverfish, spiders, ants (including carpenter ants), earwigs, centipedes, scorpions and rodents, to name a few.  We gladly work with your schedule to provide interior and exterior treatments on a quarterly or annual basis.

Fleas inside and outside of the home

With mosquitoes, gnats and other biting insects also active, you may need to do a simple test to see if you have fleas inside of your home.

Fleas in the yard
Keep fleas out of the yard too!

This video will show you how to test for fleas AND how to treat them. It’s a process and it’s not something that can be accomplished without several treatments.

Flea Treatment

While it’s important to treat the grassy areas of the lawn, Peninsular also focuses on any shady areas where the pets rest during the day. In the house, it’s the same principle… concentrate on the areas that are most used by the pet.  One way to determine if fleas are active in a particular area is to place a white cloth on the floor in that area.  Fleas are attracted to white, and they will appear on the cloth.  This would obviously be an area we would treat.

We treat the areas of the lawn where the pet rests during the day.

Once the home is treated, you need to treat your yard as well. Immediately after treatment, pets and people need to stay out of the area until the product is dry.  Insect growth regulators can be added to the treatment, eliminating the need for any follow up applications. The yard will need a second treatment though, two weeks after the initial one.  This will help break the life cycle of the fleas.

So enjoy your summer on Jacksonville’s First Coast!  No matter how hot our weather is, your pet will still want to go outside. Following these few simple suggestions should control any flea problems that might occur. 

About Peninsular

Peninsular Pest Control is a Jacksonville Pest Control Company that offers a full range of residential and commercial services including pest control, lawn maintenance (fertilization and weed control) as well as termite treatment (Termidor® and Sentricon®).

Professional Pest Control vs DIY

Are you a homeowner considering a do-it-yourself solution to your home’s pest issues? DIY pest control can work out alright if you deal with the problem immediately and regularly preventing an infestation. Professional pest control is the answer to these problems. Not sure if hiring a pro is right for your situation? This article will outline some of the remarkable benefits of professional pest control so you can make an informed decision.

Do It Yourself Pest Control
A do-it-yourself home owner spraying pesticide.

Professional Pest Control Saves Time and Money

Hiring a pest control company can save you time and money. Not only would you no longer have to worry about the problem, but you don’t have to take hours out of your busy schedule to eliminate pests. You also wouldn’t have to get yourself filthy and tired by doing your own pest control.

Professional Pest Control companies know what to do to prevent damage to a home. If you damage your home, you will need to pay for repairs, but a trained and experienced professional will be more precise and careful, saving you money in the long run. Moreover, DIY pest control solutions often require costly chemicals and pesticides, which also makes hiring a pro a cheaper option.

The Pros Have the Right Tools for the Job

Pest control professional
Having the right tools is important!

Professional pest control companies use the right tools and technology making the job more efficient and effective. Just like your experience in your field of work, pros know how to make a plan for every situation, so they don’t waste any time or materials.

Along with possessing tools, the pros would have access to the right pesticide for the type of pests you need to eliminate, which might not be available to you without a license or training. With their experience and knowledge, professionals will be able to deploy these pesticides carefully, keeping the people and animals in your home safe.

Professionals Are All About Keeping You Healthy

Some DIY pest control solutions will require using harmful pesticides and chemicals. Professional pest control companies are current on all safety and Green Practice standards. This is because, in many cases, the tools and techniques used by pros can be more effective than a pesticide. Overall, pros will use less harmful chemicals than if you were to handle this yourself.

Professionals Can Provide Long-Term Solutions

While DIY fixes focus on solving the current problem, they are usually ineffective at providing long-term solutions. Hiring a professional pest control company can change that. They will not only eliminate the current issue but will be able to prevent recurrences of the issue with the right tools and training.

Lastly, most pest control pros offer a guarantee on their work which will permanently solve the problem.

Pest Control Near Jacksonville, FL

Do these benefits of hiring a professional pest control company interest you?  Do you have pest issues at your home near Jacksonville Beach, Florida? The pros at Peninsular Pest Control are here to help. Get a free inspection and estimate by contacting us today!

Spring Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn is an important part of maintaining a healthy and lush yard. Aeration helps promote healthy root growth and encourages the grass to grow evenly. It also helps reduce the compaction of your yard’s soil. This compaction can lead to problems like poor drainage or nutrient deficiencies in the grass.

Additionally, aerating your lawn can reduce thatch buildup. Thatch is the layer of dead grass that accumulates on top of a lawn during the winter. Thatch can prevent new grass from growing properly. Regular aeration will help keep your lawn looking green and healthy for years to come.

Continue reading to learn all about spring lawn aeration and how our friendly team at Peninsular Pest Control can help!

The Importance of Lawn Aeration


Lawn aeration is a crucial part of lawn maintenance. It helps promote healthy grass growth and increases the overall vitality of your lawn. Lawn aeration involves poking small holes throughout your lawn, which allows oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach deeper roots. This process also reduces soil compaction, allowing your lawn’s roots to spread out more efficiently and absorb nutrients more quickly.

Reducing soil compaction also creates a more suitable environment for beneficial organisms. Earthworms and fungi that help break down organic matter into nutrients for plants. Furthermore, regular aeration can reduce the risk of certain diseases and brown patches, improving drainage throughout the lawn.

Aeration can either be accomplished via DIY means or handled professionally with motorized tools. The aeration process involves removing small plugs of soil from your lawn. This allows the lawn’s soil to absorb more air, water, and nutrients. This is especially beneficial for areas of your lawn that are compacted due to foot traffic or heavy tree roots.

It’s important to remember that aeration every spring will help keep your grass looking its best!

Preventing Compacted Soil

Aerating your lawn can help you prevent and remove compacted soil in several ways. Firstly, aeration creates a more consistent layer of soil, which leads to better drainage and more efficient absorption of nutrients. Aeration also allows air to reach the root zone more efficiently. Air is essential for healthy grass growth and helps your lawn’s roots penetrate deeper into the soil and absorb more water and nutrients.

Lawn Aeration Equipment

In addition, aeration helps reduce surface compaction by breaking up clumps of soil. This process allows for better water infiltration into the ground. Aerating your lawn regularly, you can ensure your grass has adequate access to all the oxygen and nutrients it needs. The result is a better-looking lawn that’s more resilient against diseases and pests.

Quality Spring Lawn Aeration

Peninsular Pest Control is here to help with all of your springtime lawn aeration needs! Our friendly team of professionals is knowledgeable and experienced in both residential and commercial properties pest control. We will work closely with you to ensure that your lawn is properly aerated. This will keep it looking beautiful all season long. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate!

Do it yourself this spring

Weeds you need to pull NOW!

Simply hiring a lawn care professional will not always solve your weed problems. Hand pulling weeds is also necessary. Here’s why:

There are three categories in the Jacksonville area:  Broadleaf, Sedges and Grassy.

weed pulling
Some weeds simply need to be hand pulled.

Many herbicides available today treat Broadleaf weeds. However, treating the grassy weeds and sedges would actually kill the grass itself. Environmental conditions make it difficult to control them. Therefore, vigilant lawn care is important. 

Selective herbicides will not control grassy weeds. Applying pre-emergent weed control will help suppress them but, it won’t control them. The only way to get grassy weeds out of your lawn is to pull them out or to kill the entire area and resod. Consequently, this is an important part of your Do It Yourself Lawn Care.

DIY Springtime Tips

With a rake, remove any dead grass or thatch. 

Secondly, add a layer of topsoil to help promote new growth. And, if needed use a post hole digger or spade to cut out healthy grass from other areas of your lawn to the areas that need grass.

Add fertilizer to the lawn to prepare for the green-up that is about to occur. The fertilizer application should include nitrogen and potassium to stimulate root growth. Additionally, water it in properly so the roots can absorb the nutrients but, don’t overwater because too much moisture will cause disease and encourages weed growth. 

Spring Lawn Preparation
Dull Blades can promote grass disease

Check your mower blade to make sure they are sharp. Dull mower blades cause an uneven cut which can lead to disease issues.  As a result, an even cut allows the grass to heal more easily.

Finally, test the pH level of your lawn because it will tell you which nutrients are lacking.

Best Lawn Care Company

Peninsular Pest Control is the Largest Family and Locally owned Pest Control Company in the Jacksonville area. Peninsular provides pest control services, termite control and lawn care (like aeration, fertilization, shrub care and insect treatment).

Chinch Bugs

According to the University of Florida IFAS Extension, the Southern chinch bugs can rapidly damage a lawn. The patchy areas of yellowing grass are usually the first indication of chinch bug activity. Uncontrolled chinch bugs will rapidly kill the grass which will begin to appear brown. Homeowners ofter mistake the damage for drought.


These damaged areas of the grass are generally circular in shape. They expand outward as the insects move from dying grass into healthier grass. These southern insects attack the open sunny areas first. Areas of the lawn that are under drought stress are also a target. Consequently, periods of drought cause elevated chinch bug abundance and damage. The thick thatch areas of the lawn provide refuge from natural enemies and environmental conditions.


t’s easy to determine if you have chinch bugs. Simply part the grass where the brown damaged lawn meets the green grass. Then look for small insects that are damaging the turf.  

Although adults can fly, they preferentially walk from plant to plant, which also makes them easier to detect. Chinch bugs love the thatch area of the grass. But, when populations are high, you will see them resting on leaf blades or crawling across the lawn. Although these insects are small, there are a few easy methods for detecting them in a lawn.

Some causes for chinch bugs is mowing your grass too short or improper irrigation.  This will dry your lawn out create the perfect condition for chinch bugs to begin their damage. 

Chinch Bug Treatment

When we treat a lawn for these bugs it requires two treatments 14 days apart. This will break the lifecycle of this destructive insect.

Check out our Lawn Treatment Programs for more information. You will also see the different lawn insects in our area and the specific treatment for each.

Termite Warranty

Florida Termites

There are four main types of wood-destroying organisms in Florida. Subterranean termites, drywood termites, wood-destroying beetles and wood-destroying fungi. Unfortunately, all of these termites are problems for Florida homeowners. The Subterranean termites cause the most damage. Their colony can include millions of termites and the worker termites forage for food 24/7. Their food is the wood in your home: your floors, walls and ceilings.

Subterranean Termites
One of the four types of termites in Florida

Termite Damage to homes

Drywood Termite Damage
Drywood Termite Damage

Five million homes in the United States have termites every year and the damage caused is normally not covered by homeowners insurance. As a result, homeowners end up paying for the repair out of pocket. 

The National Pest Management Association estimates the homeowner’s cost of termite damage to be $5 billion each year. 

What is a Termite Bond or Termite Warranty?

Termite Bonds or Warranties offered by Pest Control companies usually cover the cost of any termite damage repairs. But, it’s important to know that not all of these warranties are the same.

The Peninsular Pest Control Warranty

What is a Penisular Pest Control Termite Warranty

At Peninsular Pest Control, our Warranty includes the cost of repairing any NEW termite or wood destroying insect damage. This includes an unlimited retreatment and repair guarantee of the structure and contents of the home. Additionaly, Peninsular continues to inspect the home annually.

Is the Peninsular Pest Control Termite Warranty transferrable?

YES. The Peninsular Pest Control Termite Warranty is transferrable to a new homeowner and is an added benefit to any property listing.

When it comes to Termite Infestation and Termite Control, a good offense is the best Termite defense.  Contact the Best Termite Pest Control Company, the Critter Gitter for a free inspection.  Our service technicians are bonded professionals, and will provide you with the treatment you need.

Winter Lawn Care

Lawn Care and Landscape Services during the cooler months.

Fall and Winter Care is Critical for the Health of Your Lawn

Fall Lawn Care
Pre-emergent weed application

During the cooler months, the growth of your lawn slows and aggressive weeds, fungus and other diseases can damage your lawn. Peninsular Pest Control knows what it takes to combat these issues to ensure your lawn’s roots are strong and healthy for spring growth.

Right now, we’re applying the proper balance of nutrients to keep roots strong, and pre-emergent weed applications to keep cool-weather weeds under control and protect your lawn throughout the cooler months.

Our comprehensive Lawn and Landscape Program includes:
  • Targeted control and prevention of weeds, insects and diseases
  • Lawn fertilization services using custom-blended fertilizer, applied according to all county and state ordinances, and application of micronutrients
  • pH soil testing to determine the precise chemistry of the soil in your lawn and landscape
  • Annual lawn aeration, which enhances the delivery of oxygen, water and nutrients to the lawn’s roots

Small Ant Treatment in Jacksonville FL

Get the Best Exterminator in Jacksonville & St. Augustine

When it comes to Small Ant Treatment and Pest Control, we deal with two different types of ants, large ants and small ants. Both ants follow pheromone trails. These trails are where bait is placed so the ants take that bait back to their colony, destroying the rest of the colony.

ant inspection
Locating the nest of the ghost ant is important.

Small ant treatment in the lawn is usually done with a granular treatment product. This is the best Ant Pest Control for small ants because they will carry the product back to their colony to share with other ants which will eventually destroy the entire colony. Homeowners in St. Augustine, FL often see small, translucent ants in their kitchens. These are called ghost ants.

Ghost Ants

Ghost Ants got their name from the fact that they are often hard to see. Ghost Ant are transluscent and extremely small and can appear anywhere in the home but, generally in the kitchen. Treatment utilizes bait stations but, it’s very important to find the source of the infestation. The Peninsular Pest Control technician will follow the trail of the small ant until eventually discovering the nest. They could be coming in through a crack in a windows sill or even in a plant that is located inside and sometimes outside of the home.

Small ant treatment in Jacksonville FL

The ghost ant is very adaptable in its nesting habits. They can easily nest outdoors or indoors. Colonies can be moderate to large in size and contain numerous breeding females.

Sites include clumps of dead, but temporarily wet, grass, plant stems, and cavities under debris in rapidly changing open habitats. Inside, the ant colonize in the void of a wall or the spaces between cabinets and baseboards. Therefore, the colonies divide into subunits that occupy different nesting sites and swap individuals back and forth along the olfactory trails. Ghost ants opportunistically nest in places that sometimes remain habitable for only a few days or weeks.

If you are in need of small ant treatment, call for a free estimate today and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Flea Treatment in Jacksonville FL

Flea Treatment Video for the Home and Lawn

When your pet goes out to play in the yard, when they play with other animals or we just simply take them for a walk …they can pick up fleas and bring them inside the home. For this reason, flea treatment is critical.

Jacksonville FL Flea treatment
Fleas Treatment in Jacksonville FL

Also, if you have squirrels or rodents in the attic or if stray animals have access to your yard or under you house and they can actually come in on you clothing, like the cuff of your pants.

How does a flea infestation happen so quickly?

The infestation doesn’t actually happened that quickly, it takes about two weeks for the life cycle of a flea to be completed. A flea has to pass from the EGG stage, to the LARVAE and then to the PUPAE before it becomes an ADULT. We really never notice the fleas until they’re in the adult stage. This is when they bite and the cycle begins again because the female flea needs to take a blood meal like the mosquito before she lays her eggs. Here’s something most people don’t realize is the adult flea represents only 5% of the life cycle of a flea, so 90% of their cycle will probably go unnoticed to you or the pet. The eggs are 50% of the cycle so you really want to try to prevent the eggs from hatching.

How do I keep the eggs from hatching?

The best treatment is prevention. Flea treatments in Jacksonville FL will break the life cycle of the flea so they never mature into adults and this is actually the best way to treat fleas if you do have a pet in your home.

Test your home for Fleas

Although PREVENTION is the best way to control fleas, there are people who already have an infestation… what do they do? First do a simple test to see if you have fleas inside your home. Take a white cloth lay it down in the area of the rug that your pet normally frequents and since fleas are attracted to white they will instantly appear on the white cloth within 30 seconds. If fleas appear you have now gone from preventative stage to curative stage.

How does Peninsular treat fleas?

At this point it becomes a curative issue that we have to treat the inside of your home, the lawn and we make sure to focus on the areas of the lawn where the pet likes to reside and then the pet owner will need to make sure the pet is treated for the adult fleas and then put their pet on a subsequent prevention program. Peninsular will come by and make sure that that’s the problem you’re having is a flea issue.

You can find more information on our YouTube channel which if full of informative videos about fleas and other pest problems you might be having in your home. Remember there is absolutely no charge for us to come out and give you an estimate.