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St. Augustine Pest Control Services

Peninsular (the Critter Gitter!) is a provider for pest control and lawn fertilization services to the homes, businesses, and hospitals in North Florida, and specifically beautiful St. Augustine, FL! We have bonded professional technicians trained to provide specific treatment to your particular pest problems.

Established in 1954, the company offers you solutions for both interior and exterior pest control. You can rely on our exceptional services to keep your home or office free from pests and for a healthy and green lawn.

We offer scheduled services as per your demands. Whether it is on an annual or quarterly basis, we will ensure that your home is free from pests when you need us. In case you want a one-time service, we can schedule it for you. Feel free to reach out to us for a no-cost estimate regarding your pest control needs.

Here Are Some of the St. Augustine Pest Control Services We Offer

We offer all kinds of St. Augustine Pest Control Services from lawn pest control, to home, to offices and corporate buildings, to everything in between.

About Our Kind Extermination Service

Meet the kind killers at Peninsular. As our well-trained Critter Gitters handle your unwelcome guests, they do it proudly while smiling. Apart from getting rid of the home pests and tending the lawn troubles, the team is open for any extra help you may need. Kindness is our motto. Our guarantee is a total satisfaction of our services. We have done this since 1954, and we will stick to it.

In 1954, Earl Dixon, with the partner, Louise Dixon founded Peninsular Critter Gitter Pest Control, a company that they ran from their home which is located in the Arlington, Jacksonville. Many homeowners loved and needed their services to keep their homes free from pests. This was possible because of the quality of the services by the duo and their determination in their services.

The pair was all that worked for the company; Earl as the service provider and Louise as an office manager and marketer. Owing to their determination, hard work, kindness, and quality of services, the business started paying off.

Over the years, things have changed, but for the better. Now the company has 90 individuals who are trained and experienced in the business. Carolyn Dixon Richardson, the daughter of the founders of Peninsular Pest Control, is the current president of the company.

Outstanding Pest Control Prices & Service for the St. Augustine Area

We still offer outstanding prices and services as we have always done since the setting up of the company. We can achieve this because of the experienced “Critter Gitters” who have worked for the company for several decades. Apart from their training, the experience adds value to our services in that we know exactly what your pest control and lawn treatment needs are.

We offer customized services to our clients as per their needs, making us the company of choice for the pest control services in North Florida.

Since 1954, during the establishment of Peninsular Pest Control as a family business, the bonded professional relationship was established. We pride ourselves in working together to offer reliable services to our clients. Generations of businesses owners and homeowners trust us for reliable, efficient, and effective treatment of their homes and businesses against the invaders.

Working as per your schedule, we offer regular pest treatment services on. These can go on a regular cycle as per your needs. Get in touch when you need a one-time service on special occasions.

Our company offers both residential and commercial treatment services like lawn maintenance (fertilization and weed control), pest control, and termite treatment (Termidor® and Sentricon®).

We are located in the Jacksonville Riverside area under one of the most recognizable signs in the area, but service St. Augustine and everywhere in-between.