Springtime Lawn Care

Springtime Lawn Care Steps

Homeowner Tips:

Spring Lawn Preparation

1. Use a leaf rake to remove any dead grass or thatch

2. Add a layer of topsoil to help promote new growth

3. If needed transplant healthy grass from other areas of your lawn to the areas that are bare

4. Add fertilizer to the lawn to prepare for the green-up that is about to occur

5.  The fertilizer application should include nitrogen and potassium to stimulate root growth

6. Water it in properly so the roots can absorb the nutrients but don’t overwater.  It causes disease and encourages weeds

7. Check your mower blade to make sure it’s sharp.  Dull blades cause an uneven cut which can lead to disease issues.  An even cut allows the grass to heal more easily

8.  Call us if you need help testing the pH level of your lawn.  This will tell you which nutrients are lacking

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