George Richardson, Technical Director for Peninsular Pest Control, explains the two different ways a homeowner can treat for subterranean termites.

The conventional treatment uses a liquid material from Termidor® that is injected into the soil around the home.

The other method is The Sentricon® colony elimination system which utilizes bait stations with active bait material around the perimeter of the home.

The installation of the bait stations only takes a couple of hours and doesn’t disrupt the existing landscape.   Here’s how it works:  Termite workers feed on the bait in the stations, then share it with the rest of the colony, eventually eliminating the entire colony, including the termite queen, who can produce millions of eggs during her lifetime.

Additionally, when the termites molt, the insect growth regulator in Sentricon® disrupts this activity causing the whole colony to die.

The Sentricon® colony elimination system is the oldest green termite control treatment available today.

George shows you the difference: