Termite Prevention

How do you keep termites out of your home?

When it comes to Termite Prevention, it’s best to know what you are seeing! When you see flying termites, you are looking at the reproductive members of a subterranean termite colony. Although they don’t do the actual damage, it’s a good indication that the damaging workers are nearby. The workers of the colony, can build mud tubes into your home virtually undetected and do some serious damage.

Termite Prevention
Remove items from the foundation

Some termite prevention things you can do to prevent them from entering your home are:
• Don’t stack wood or bricks next to the house
• Direct gutter downspouts away from the home
• Prevent mulch buildup around the foundation.

More Termite Prevention tips

But, if you do see swarmers inside your home, don’t panic they can easily be vacuumed up.  If you don’t have any termite protection in place, we recommend you have a professional come out, and provide a complete inspection and estimate for treatment. Termite Prevention is key. Don’t let the subterranean termites into your home or serious structural damage could occur.

Some homeowners mistake flying ants for swarming termites. There are several distinct differences. Flying Ants have a pinched narrow waist, while Termites have a straight waist. Flying Ants have bent antennea, Swarming Termites have straight antennea. Finally, Flying Ants have larger front wings and Termite Swarmers have wings of the same size.

YOU can help keep termites out of your home!

Inspection and Termite Prevention

If you have trouble determining which insect is infesting your home, call Peninsular and we will gladly come out and inspect your home and offer a free estimate to control the problem.

We can even treat your yard and shrubbery for Termites. If you are in need of interior or exterior pest control treatment for other insects, Peninsular will work around your schedule and treat your home or business on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. We can even offer one time Services for special needs.

We invite you to call us for a free estimate about Termite Infestation at 904-389-3491.